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How to Have The Best Vacation Ever

by Tamarack Lodge on May 5, 2022 4:30:00 AM

Vacations are about having a great time and making lasting memories. If you're planning your vacation in Traverse City, then you’re already off to a great start. Traverse City is no longer a secret, and it’s consistently ranked as a best spot to vacation. The only thing you need from here is a plan. We’ve put together this quick guide to help you in having the best vacation ever in Traverse City!

Plan For It

According to the National Library of Medicine, the process of planning an exciting vacation actually generates most of the pleasure of a vacation. Pay attention to the delightful sense of anticipation you feel as you mull over the enticing possibilities. Take your time, plan it out fully, and enjoy.

Go For Quantity

Studies show that taking more days off makes people happier. It actually makes you more happy than taking a once in a lifetime trip. Our advice is to use a naturally short work week and then use your vacation days to lengthen the vacation. With just three or four vacation days you can get eight to ten days off. Now that’s quantity! The science indicates that more is better, and we agree.

Plan New Experiences

Trying new things is not only good for the health of your brain, but it makes the experience more novel and therefore more enjoyable. Any activity that is even slightly out of the norm for you should take priority. If you have never had a lazy picnic on a rowboat, this is probably the time. Going for something new makes better memories.

Fill Your Days With Joy

Of course, we won't suggest that you abandon quality. Rather, try to pack the quality into everything you do. Make time for great meals. Take a luxurious, relaxing bath. Watch the sunset over the lake. Spend quality time with your family. Listen to your favorite music in a hot tub. Remember, the best things are usually the little things, and the more little things, the better.

Outsource The No Fun Stuff

Naturally, there are going to be chores, little loose ends, and things of that nature that need to be taken care of. Our advice is to outsource these things when and where you can. Hire a pet sitter, a babysitter, a house sitter, maybe even a chauffeur. You might even consider hiring a private chef to cook up spectacular meals. Remember, it's called a "vacation" for a reason.

Manage Work

Alright, suppose work does manage to impose itself during your vacation. If you can't say no to it entirely, do your best to minimize it. Schedule a remote meeting via Zoom. Restrict work dealings to a specific, limited appointment time, and hold your remote meeting alone away from family or companions. Let the people you are with know it will not interfere with your vacation.

Finish Big

Whatever you imagined as the highlight of your vacation during the planning phase, try saving it for last. If that doesn't work out, try finishing big on your final evening. If nothing mind blowing can be arranged for your final evening, consider upgrading your flight home to first class. Psychologists recognize that it’s the last memories that resonate the strongest.  

Share Your Vacation Stories

Don't hesitate to share your vacation stories with your friends and family. It’s natural to want to post about it on Facebook, but don’t skimp on telling people about it in person. When you tell the stories face to face, and repeat them over and over they will actually help you create lifetime memories. The best way to have the best vacation of your life, is to tell people you had the best vacation of your life.

The Best Vacations in Traverse City

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