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Fun Activities and Sites to See in Traverse City

by Tamarack Lodge on Oct 8, 2021 1:35:00 PM

Stay in a beautiful arts & crafts style resort with hundreds of feet of pristine beaches overlooking the unforgettable expanse of Lake Michigan. Tamarack Lodge brings highly rated luxury and waterfront views together for a memorable vacation or staycation any month of the year. This article aims to help you make the most of your time in Traverse City, an oasis of high-end amenities and down-to-earth residents. So, here are some ideas of where to begin your exploration of the surrounding community.

Enjoy a Picnic or Take a Bike Ride

Pack a light lunch and head over to Boardman Lake at Hull Park. Make the occasion as fancy or simple as you prefer. You can enjoy a sandwich and take in the view from comfortable benches or spread out a checkered tablecloth and enjoy the contents of a pre-packed wicker basket. Just don’t miss the beautiful moments unfolding around you — families enjoying the day, couples strolling in the park, and rowers and sailboats sparking a sense of freedom.

Hull Park is just behind the Traverse Area District Library on the TART Trail. If you would like to pedal around the area, there are several places on 8th Street to rent a bike, including Brick Wheels, McLain Cycle, or City Bike Shop. If you brought your own bike, simply hop on it and ride along the scenic trails in and around Traverse City.

You can bring your bike onto the BATA Bus if you want to ride along Suttons Bay or Lake Shore without making the ride longer than it needs to be. The flexible bus schedule makes hop-on and hop-off trips a breeze for exploring the city.

Explore Local Points of Interest

Take pictures of the various artwork and sculptures that beautify Traverse City and post them to your social media accounts. Keep an eye out for Perry Hannah’s memorial on the corner of Union and 6th Street. Residents honor the founder of Traverse City by dressing up his statue for various holidays.

Kayaking Opportunities in Traverse City

If you bring along your kayak, there are plenty of places to put it to good use. Paddle through the twists and turns of the Boardman River to enjoy solitude or an afternoon with someone you love. Check out the hiking trail system as you kayak through Brown Bridge Quiet Area, a beautiful place to explore by water.

You can also rent kayaks locally along the Lower Boardman. View downtown Traverse City from the unique perspective of its waterways as you kayak your way downtown under lovely bridges until you find your way to West Bay.

Do You Like Wine?

If you would like to try the local wines, head over to the Leelanau Peninsula. There are several active wineries in this fertile area. Rent a car or take your own to drive along M-22 to explore the peninsula’s beautiful shoreline. You can assign a designated driver or use ride-sharing services as you explore local vintages.

Discover Old Mission Peninsula

You can fully experience Old Mission Peninsula in a few hours — it's just eighteen miles long. So, research the history behind the romantic beauty of Mission Point Lighthouse, built-in 1870, and find out why the area is known for its Up-North hospitality.

There’s so much to see and do that you may, as many guests do- extend your stay to continue getting to know local points of interest in this epic Upper Peninsula city.

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