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Fractional Ownership is The Key to Owning a Vacation Home

by Tamarack Lodge on Jan 9, 2022 1:44:00 PM

When was the last time you were able to take a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation? If you're like most Americans, it's been a while. Americans work longer hours than people in other countries and have among the fewest number of days off. In fact, the average American gets just 17 vacation days per year.

With so few days off, you need to take full advantage of them. But planning a vacation can seem like another job. Between finding the right location, checking availability, haggling about rental fees, and finally making the booking, it can feel more enjoyable just to stay home. That is why so many Americans dream of owning a vacation property.

When a Second Home is Out of the Question

Add up the initial down payment, monthly mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and maintenance, and you'll quickly realize that owning a vacation home is an expensive proposition. But even if you are fortunate enough to afford a second home, there are the endless headaches that go along with the purchase. Who wants to spend two weeks a year enjoying all a holiday home has to offer and the other 50 weeks worrying about what's going on at the property when you aren't there? For many owners, a second home turns from a place of tranquility to a source of significant stress.

There is a Better Way: Enter Fractional Ownership

With fractional ownership, traditional holiday homes' negatives disappear, and only the enjoyment that a second home can bring you and your family remains.

Don't be confused; fractional ownership is not a timeshare but is outright deeded partial ownership in real property. As a partial owner, you have the right to use the property equal to your percentage of ownership. Typical fractional ownerships are around 1/8th, giving you six or more weeks' access to the property. You can even rent the property out when you can't use it or sell your portion of the property in the future.

In addition to stress-free ownership, depending on where you buy your property, you can enjoy amenities that are just not possible when you purchase your own home. Many fractional ownership properties are part of resorts, which means access to housekeeping, swimming pools, exercise equipment, top-quality restaurants, bars, or even skiing or sailing, all within steps of your home!

The best part of opting for fractional over full ownership of your vacation property is that it allows you to become a partial owner of a high-quality holiday home in your dream location at a price you can more easily afford.

Vacation on Lake Michigan as an Owner

Have you ever spent hours looking at real estate ads for vacation places on Lake Michigan and thought, "someday, I will be able to afford one." Well, today is that day. Tamarack Lodge offers limited opportunities to purchase fractional ownership of luxury properties at reasonable prices.

Tamarack Lodge offers everything you love about a lake vacation, like swimming, boating, and fishing, along with luxury accommodations that boast full kitchens, gas fireplaces, free Wi-Fi, and flat-screen HDTVs with premium cable channels and outstanding water views.

There is so much more to do at Tamarack Lodge than just hanging out at the lake. Spend your day biking or hiking the TART trail, skiing at Holiday Hills, or exploring Downtown Traverse City. End the night with a drink or two at the White Caps, the on-site wine and beer bar, hanging out around a fire pit on the beach, or playing billiards or your favorite board game in the community game room.

Just some of the available amenities include:

  • Complimentary parking and an airport shuttle
  • Free coffee and tea
  • A community-only beach with sun loungers, bonfire pits, and a swimming dock
  • An outdoor shower and a BBQ area
  • A bar
  • An open-air cafe
  • Space to secure your bicycles
  • Available boat moorings
  • Water sports equipment rentals

Are you ready to stop being a renter and become an owner? Tamarack Lodge offers a wide range of floorplans to suit your needs and budget. Learn more about all the benefits of fractional ownership at Tamarack Lodge by speaking with one of our representatives.

Tamarack Lodge is your home away from home. We are honored to offer you a unique gathering place built in honor of those who cherish long-lasting traditions and spending quality time with friends & family in beautiful Northern Michigan. While you are here you will savor the ambient nature of the crystal clear lake, serene hiking trails, and the beauty of getting back to the simpler moments life has to offer. We invite you to come experience the nature of Tamarack Lodge by visiting our website or calling us at (877) 938-9744