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The Advantages of Fractional Ownership

by Tamarack Lodge on Aug 18, 2021 12:18:00 PM

When you spend time along the shores of Lake Michigan’s Traverse Bay, time stops. How would you like to spend time on pristine beaches, enjoying the surrounding scenery or just relaxing in a country-chic condo with a gas fireplace and incomparable amenities? You may even like to own a piece of paradise, complete with balconies overlooking water views.

With fractional ownership, you can put your money together with other owners to purchase and maintain a condo you can return to several times a year. Learn more about the advantages of fractional ownership and how it works.

Fractional Ownership Makes a Vacation Dream Home Affordable

For investors saving to buy a vacation home, fractional ownership provides a cost-effective way to shortcut the process. Unlike timeshares, you’re purchasing a property, not just the right to use it. That means you can resell it at some point in the future. To enjoy a second home in your dream vacation spot, consider hassle-free fractional ownership and purchase your vacation home sooner.

Fractional ownership is the most cost-effective way vacationers can own property in the location of their dreams.

Get a Million Dollar View at a Fraction of the Price

It's easy to understand why real estate prices skyrocket in popular waterfront destinations. However, that doesn't mean that you can't afford to buy property in a perfect vacation spot. When you invest in a property along with several other owners, you're only responsible for a share of the expenses, starting with the purchase price.

So, whether you return to Traverse City every year or make it your destination for the first time, fractional ownership lowers the purchase price to fit your budget. Also, it means you only pay for the time you spend there.

Share Responsibility for Property Upkeep

Unlike vacation homes that remain empty for long periods of time, homes owned by more than one owner receive attention and care throughout the year. Sure, there's a little more wear and tear with multiple families sharing the same property. However, properties weren't meant to sit empty. So, having several owners ensures that homes remain at an optimal temperature and receive care throughout the year. Best of all, you don't have to foot the bill for maintenance costs on your own if something expensive breaks.

By sharing ownership, you join a team of other homeowners who help shoulder the responsibility. In addition, other families will be there to run the air conditioner and heater, open and close windows, and use the amenities to keep them in proper running order. Without regular use, appliances, HVAC systems and plumbing can deteriorate quickly.

Save Money on Hotels and Other Vacation Costs

Hotels can cost hundreds of dollars per night, and nobody ever earned equity on a vacation rental. Fractional ownership provides a fixed cost that is set when you purchase the property. Additionally, you can enjoy set dates when you want to use the property each year. You don't have to worry about every hotel in town getting booked up the week that you want to go on vacation.

Since you have access to a full kitchen, you can save money by cooking at home. Close access to the beach and other attractions can save you driving time and keep you in the center of the action.

Don’t Settle for Less — Get the Traverse City Vacation Home You Want

Tamarack Lodge of Traverse City combines a desirable location and resort-style living. Seasonal and year-round amenities make this one of the most sought-after properties in Northern Michigan. Whether you need a business center to deal with a work crisis or beach access and a volleyball court to celebrate summer, you’ll find that your vacation home exceeds your expectations.

Complimentary coffee and tea, free Wi-Fi, and fun activities await fractional owners at Tamarack Lodge. Nearby, owners can take advantage of nature trails, restaurants, and a small craft boat launch, among other local amenities.

Fractional ownership combines the advantages of homeownership with an affordable vacation budget. For more information on Fractional Ownership opportunities, visit the Tamarack Lodge website.

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