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10 Best Activities in Traverse City

by Tamarack Lodge on Jul 6, 2021 11:14:00 AM

With summer in full swing, everything is starting to heat up. What are some of the best activities to do in Traverse City? Take a look below!

1. The Dennos Museum Center

One of the first places you might want to look is the Dennos Museum Center, a fine art museum and cultural center. Located on the campus of Northwestern Michigan College, you’ll find numerous collections from various artists, so be sure to check back regularly. The activities rotate from time to time, so this is a great way to spend a day this summer!

2. The Fairy Trails

Passionate about engaging the imaginations and inspiring the curiosity of your children? Look no further than the Fairy Trails. The Fairy Trails is full of all-natural, magical fairy houses (approximately 40 mini houses) created by locals that have been put on display. The Fairy Trails is a place to explore ways in which the world of fairies can connect kids to the natural world and each other. What started as an Eagle Scout project is now one of the main attractions in the local area.

3. Front Street

A visit to Traverse City isn’t complete without taking a stroll down Front Street. With its 150 restaurants, galleries, boutiques, and shopping experiences -  from upscale to Nifty - Front Street is the heart of TC. The evocative brick sidewalks and 19th-century Victorian storefronts add to the magic.

4. The Hippie Tree

The 'Hippie Tree' is a colorful and legendary spot in Northern Michigan. Located near the grounds of the former Traverse City State Hospital, the tree attracts many who come to meditate below the tree. It has been covered in neon paints that have revived a willow tree that was once rotting. Local painters have also used the tree as their canvas for many years. Some even say that the tree possesses supernatural energy.

5. Clinch Park

If you love to spend time outside, then Clinch Park is one of the top places to go in Traverse City. If you feel like taking a walk, hiking on one of the trails, or playing sports with your friends, this is a great location to spend the day. In addition, when it is particularly hot outside, there is also a Splash Pad for children! There are even kayaks and paddleboards that are available to rent!

6. Old Mission General Store

This is a general store that has been open since the 1800s. A symbol of previous centuries, there are always delicious beverages, ice cream, cookies, sandwiches, and candy that you can find here that might not be found anywhere else. Why not take a closer look at the general store and see what they are selling for today?

7. Doug Murdick’s Fudge

If you are looking for a delicious treat, then why not indulge in Doug Murdick's Fudge? This is a shop that has been open since 1964. It consistently serves some of the best fudge in Michigan. Therefore, it is easy to see why it has become a go-to location during the summer.

8. Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery

Traverse City is known for its amazing selection of wineries and vineyards. Brys Estate is no different. You can sign up for a tour, a tasting, and even purchase their signature wine and cheese products. Of course, you will also get to enjoy amazing views of The Secret Garden, the Lavender Farm, and more!

9. Traverse Tall Ship Company

If you want to see everything that the coast has to offer, then you should take a closer look at Traverse Tall Ship Company. The ship is called the Manitou, which is a replication of a nineteenth-century cargo ship. While it used to be much larger, it can still hold close to 60 people for a fantastic cruise on the water. Reach out to Traverse Tall Ship Company and take a spin on the open water!

10. The State Theater

Finally, the State Theater is more than 100 years old; however, it continues to run even though it has burnt down twice in the past. This theater shows more than 400 movies per year. With films that come from all over the globe, this is a great way to spend your time while in Traverse City. Even though the theater might not be showing movies right now because of the pandemic, this is still a great place to visit during your time here.

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